Free Live TV

Interested in watching Free Live TV?

My Free Live TV addon for Kodi has something for everyone. Best of all it is 100% legal. Channels are pulled from freely available sources online.

Current Channel Lineup:

Channel Genre
24-7 Retro Retro
Action Movies Movies, Action
Adventure TV Lifestyle
Aljazeera News
Antenna TV Retro
Big Life TV Lifestyle
Black Cinema Movies
Bloomberg News
Buzzr Retro
Catholic TV Network Faith
CBN Faith
Charge! Action
Cheddar News
Classic Movies Channel Movies, Retro
Classic Toons TV Retro, Kids
Classic TV Retro
CMT Westerns Movies, Western
Cold Case Files Crime, 24-7
Comet Sci-Fi
CONtv Special Interest
Court TV Crime
Cozi TV Retro
Crime Network Crime
DocuTV Curiosity, Documentary
Dog the Bounty Hunter Crime, 24-7
Dove Faith
Dust Sci-Fi
Evine Shopping
Fail Army Special Interest
Fight Sports
Flicks of Fury Movies, Action
Food TV Lifestyle
Forensic Files Crime, 24-7
FOX Sports Sports
France 24 News
FrontDoor Lifestyle
Futurism Curiosity, Special Interest
GLORY Kickboxing Sports
Gravitas Movies Movies
Gusto Lifestyle
HSN Shopping
Hunt Channel Special Interest
IMPACT Wrestling Sports
Jewelry TV Shopping
Light TV Faith
Live Music Replay Music
Mobcrush Special Interest
Movie Mix Movies
MST3K Comedy, 24-7
NASA TV Curiosity
NBC News News
Newsmax News
News Net News
Outdoor America Lifestyle
PBS Kids Kids
Pluto TV Animals Curiosity
Pluto TV Biography Biography, Curiosity
Pluto TV Cine Movies
Pluto TV Comedy Movies, Comedy
Pluto TV Conspiracy Curiosity
Pluto TV Documentaries Documentary, Curiosity
Pluto TV Drama Movies
Pluto TV Family Movies, Family
Pluto TV History Curiosity
Pluto TV Indies Movies
Pluto TV Movies Movies
Pluto TV Movies 2 Movies
Pluto TV Romance Movies, Romance
Pluto TV Sitcoms Comedy
Pluto TV Travel Lifestyle
Pluto TV Thrillers Movies, Thriller
QVC Shopping
Retro TV Retro
Rev'n TV Special Interest
RiffTrax Comedy, 24-7
RT News News
Science TV Curiosity
Sky News News
Soar Special Interest
Spirit TV Faith
Stadium Sports
Stand-Up TV Comedy
Stirr Life Lifestyle
Stirr Movies Movies
Stirr Sports Sports
TBD Special Interest
Tennis Channel Sports
The Asylum Movies, Sci-Fi
The Country Network Music
The New Detectives Crime, 24-7
The Pet Collective Special Interest
This TV Retro
Unsolved Mysteries Crime, 24-7
Voyager Documentaries Curiosity, Documentary
Wahlburgers 24-7
World Poker Tour Special Interest

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