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Fold For Covid

I have upgraded the BOINC Node to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB) . This is a nice upgrade from the old Raspberry Pi Model B (256MB) that I had previously been running. I have kept SETI@home setup just in case it starts sending out jobs again....
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Zero TV

Zero TV has something for everyone. Best of all it is 100% legal. Channels are pulled from freely available sources online. Zero TV is running on a Raspberry Pi Zero! See full specs here . The site uses Bludit and a customized version...
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Weather Dashboard

Setting up a Weather Dashboard is a common project on the Raspberry Pi. There are many ways to accomplish this. I have recently found a very nice project that makes it very simple to display detailed weather information. The setup allows for...
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Pi Dashboard

If you are looking for an easy way to display your Raspberry Pi's metrics in real time look no further. The installation couldn't be simpler. If you already have a webserver and PHP configured on your Raspberry Pi you simply have to put...
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