These are plugins built specifically for Pi Lab.

Show Node - Pi Lab

This plugin displays the current node in the sidebar of a Bludit installation on a server cluster.

For more information on a setup that this plugin is intended for checkout Pi Lab Setup.

Robots - Pi Lab

This plugin is a customized version of the Bludit Robots plugin. It allows for adding a port to deny all for. This is useful when you have a special "dev" node setup on a different port.

Site Redirect - Pi Lab

This plugin allows you to temporarily redirect your site to another URL. The Bludit admin panel is still available. The frontend is also still accessible for administrators or editors.

Web Stats - Pi Lab

Add your favorite web stats code (ex: Statcounter to your website. You can also assign a port for your "dev" node so the stats code will not be used.

target='_blank' - Pi Lab

This plugin forces all external links on pages to open in new tabs.

Version - Pi Lab

Show the current version on the sidebar of the admin panel, and check periodically for new Bludit releases. If there is a new release a link to the Bludit site will be displayed. If you are a Bludit PRO user a link to Bludit's Patreon page will be displayed.

Navigation - Pi Lab

Display the most recent posts in the sidebar with thumbnails.