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These are plugins built specifically for Pi Lab. Show Node - Pi Lab This plugin displays the current node in the sidebar of a Bludit installation on a server cluster. For more information on a setup that this plugin is intended for checkout...
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Pi Lab Setup

I have received several requests to post more details on how I setup Pi Lab. The majority of these requests were from people wanting information on how I setup Bludit to work on a Raspberry Pi cluster. This post will not attempt to be a step by...
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First CMS Upgrade

Pi Lab has survived the first upgrade to the latest version of Bludit . I was concerned how this would go since I had things running so smoothly. It worked perfectly! Pi Lab is now setup to have a "source copy" on the main node that allows...
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Bludit Mentions

Do you have a few #RaspberryPi , you can create a cluster and runs Bludit on it with this project. — Bludit (@bludit) June 5, 2019 Two small giants together - #RaspberryPi and...
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