Pi Lab Upgrades

It has been bothering me that the production nodes for Pi Lab were not the same specs so I have finally decided to do some upgrades. I also didn't like that the BOINC Node only had 2GBs of RAM. So I also decided to re-organize things a bit.

So here is what has changed.

  • The Node-Red Node switched with the Load Balancer Node in the Pi Lab Web Cluster
  • The two Pi 4 4GBs from the Pi Lab Web Cluster were swapped with the BOINC Node and Resteamer Node
  • I purchased three new Pi 2GBs to replace three of the Pi 2s in the Pi Lab Web Cluster

Now the Pi Lab Web Cluster is using all Pi 4 2GBs for all nodes

I was very excited at how easy it was to move things around. I simply ran the following on each node before moving the SD card to ensure everything was the latest and greatest.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Other than having to update some port forwards and what not for IP changes that was it.

For more details checkout the Current Specs.

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